Nintendo Wii strap recall is Wii-diculous!

The Nintendo Wii is perfectly safe. That is, if you play the games like you’re supposed to. If you monkey around with the wrist strap, then you shouldn’t be playing with the Nintendo Wii.

After hours of testing this product, The Review testers have had nothing but high praise for this wireless wonder. Not one problem with the wrist strap…Ever. Potentially hundreds of gaming hours behind us, we can say that for a fact.

No one at The Review has played like a moron with it. Obviously, there are consumers out there who have problems. They are playing the blame game with Nintendo and now, in order to be proactive in the gaming community, Nintendo of America has agreed to voluntarily recall 3.2 MILLION straps to replace them with a tougher strap. I hope the folks at Sony and Microsoft think this is funny, because it’s a costly move that will set Nintendo back several MILLION dollars. Of course, don’t let it distract from the real winner—Nintendo’s Wii. You can take your PlayStation 3 and your Xbox 360. None of them has the wide variety of games available that Nintendo Wii does!

With this said, if you’re one of the paranoid consumers who think there’s something wrong with the wrist strap, you can go to the Nintendo web site and enter in information to get a replacement strap. You can also exchange the strap at your local Nintendo service center.

I think the recall is Wii-diculous. If you think that you can be reckless by violently swinging your arms in the air (think: monkey) and you expect to score a new TV or something because there was something wrong with the wrist strap, you have serious problems, buddy.  Technically, Nintendo will be upgrading the width of the strap to a heavier duty strap that is 0.04 inches diameter. Are Wii happy now?

Play fair, Sony and Microsoft. Don’t ruin a totally wicked gaming experience for the folks who enjoy the Wii. I give Nintendo credit where credit is due. Without name-calling, they have stepped to the plate to rectify a potential problem that really hasn’t materialized. There are so many analogies I could make here, but I won’t.  I want to believe that, for the most part, people are good. People are honest. Right?

Just remember a few things. Tell them the good gamers at The Review care about your gaming habits.

  • Don’t be an idiot when you play games.
  • Don’t drink and game.
  • Don’t monkey around with the Wii and expect Nintendo to pay your bills for being a moron.

That said, have fun gaming on the Wii. We’re positive that the Wii is the best wireless gaming platform available this year.

Wii– love it or leave it alone!