Nintendo’s Wii worth the wait. Move over, Playstation…

If you were among the lucky consumers waiting in line at your local stores to buy Nintendo’s Wii, you need to know one thing. It was worth the wait! If you weren’t as lucky, the good news is that Nintendo is working around the clock to fill in new shipments. Unlike the folks at Sony with their overpriced Playstation console, Nintendo has hit the nail on the head with pricing the Wii wireless game console right. It is affordable for a family gift or a Me gift. They also are keeping up with production, trying to fulfull the demands of the gaming public.

We are gaming around the clock to give you the head’s up on the newest Wii gaming releases. From the new games to the Wii Points Card, you’ll know what to buy after reading our reviews by veteran gamers.

Just released, we’re working on these hot game titles for the Wii:

  1. Activision’s Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam.
  2. Activision’s Marvel Ultimate Challenge.
  3. Activision’s Call of Duty 3.
  4. Ubisoft’s Rayman Raving Rabbids.
  5. Ubisoft’s Redsteel.
  6. THQ’s SpongeBob Squarepants: Creature from the Krusty Krab.

We’re on top of these games and as we’ll bring you the skinny as soon as we can. In the meantime, give yourself a pat on the back for going with the winning Wii!

This wireless sensation has proven itself worthy for hours of gaming fun! In fact, rumor has it that playing the Wii is a great workout for your biceps. Skip the gym, hit the couch! We love talking about Wii!

The newest Zelda RPG is hitting the streets as we write! Rated T (for Teen due to Animated Blood and Fantasy Violence), Nintendo of America’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess involves good versus evil as darkness threatens to shroud Hyrule. Will Hero Link come to the rescue? If you’re into RPG games, Zelda will definitely please you.

Link transforms into a wolf and covers the land with a mystery chick named Midna. Here’s where the Wii remote will come in handy as you help Link travel into the Twilight Realm–aiming precise control of his actions with the handy Wii Remote. You can also you the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk for fishing, sword attacks (plenty of them!) and “projectile-weapon” aiming. Battle it out with Link and other characters as you fight troops of wicked creatures, throw in a good sword fight or two or three (use the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk–which do you prefer?), and take on bosses of all kinds! There are many hidden puzzles in this game–so let your brain do some work (for a change) and help Link hunt for weapons and items he’ll need to save the world, or at least Zelda and Hyrule!! Beware of dark dungeons–they could be dangerous! Also, twilight is the key time to use Link’s wolf abilities to prowl the land searching for clues. Will Midna’s magic light up the world? Use Link’s sword, shield, bow, arrows with the Wii Remote!! Some of the items will be old, yet some will be amazingly new. There’s also sword swings, spin attacks, and shield shoves, so variety is key!

Is this the best Zelda ever? The Review Zone thinks YES!

Update – Nintendo Wii – First Impressions

Coming home from class to find a giant package waiting was a great way to start a weekend. After opening the package, and shrieking with joy (Me being a guy), I realized the Nintendo Wii was finally in my hands. Being a video game freak- hearing all the hype about the Wii had made me very excited to get it, and I was truly happy to have seen it in that box.

Upon opening it, I was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of instruction manuals(Then realizing- a few of them were the same thing, just in a different language). After skimming them briefly to get a basic idea, I began setting up my new gift from above. Set up is pretty easy, the power supply, the three cables, the usual for a gaming device. One thing surprised me though, a long bar called the Sensor Bar. It turns out you have to mount it above or under your television set, which was easy to do.

Looking at the Wii console main- I was hit with a question that I now feel like an idiot to say. “Where are the controller slots…?” Then I realized, there don’t need to be, unless you’re playing a gamecube game on it. The Wii Remote and accessorys are all wireless, no messy wires to clutter things up. The controller needs batteries- but that’s easy to fix, using the batteries that come with the controller and then just buying a set of rechargeable batteries will help out in the end.

Turning on the Wii, and inserting the Wii Sports disc included, I found out why there was so much talk and excitement about the Wii. At first, the controls feel kind of awkward. Holding what seems to be a television remote in your right hand, and an analog stick in the left is a bit weird. Don’t worry though, it grows on you fast. Playing Tennis with the remote was incredibly amusing….I had Zelda: Twilight Princess brand new staring right at me, but I couldn’t put down the simple game of tennis for the time being.

Swinging the controller which made the character in the game- oh, I forgot! You can make your own little people called Miis, that can reflect who you are, or just to represent you or a friend, adding a nice individual element to the experience. As I was saying, swinging the controller to make your character hit the ball in the game….was just for some reason, incredibly amusing. Going from hitting a ball with a button- to actually swinging a controller to simulate it is mind boggling when you think about it. Nintendo has come just amazingly far with the Wii, and I’m looking forward to the games coming out for it. Speaking of, I think it’s time to open The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.