Rayman: Raving Rabbids

Just a note to all, this is not your serious RPG fighting game. If you couldn’t tell by the buck toothed bunny with a plunger in his rear, this game is more for laughs and party fun.

The storyline is pretty basic. Rayman was minding his own business having a picnic with his friends, when rabbits kidnap them! Rayman must compete in the rabbit’s stadium to save his friends, one mini game at a time.

By mini game, I mean basic games that are based upon Rayman stopping rabbits in some way. Games usually involve rabbits and plungers however, in all 70 ways that are available. I’d like to say no rabbits were harmed during this game, but plungers can be quite traumatic.

While this is a lighter toned game with a lessened story line, it has what seems to be a great multiplayer mode. I can’t say too much since I haven’t tested it; each player needs a Wii remote and Nunchuk. However, I’m almost sure that the minigames will be entertaining to compete with.

The controls vary for each mini game greatly. You might need to aim at something, or you might need to hold them in your hands and act like you’re running. There are many different set ups, but luckily the game will tell you how to play each one.

If you want a serious game to consume all your days, I wouldn’t suggest this. But if you want a funny game to easy some stress and to earn some laughs, then this is the jackpot.