The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zelda product imageSo, Twilight Princess. One of the games most anticipated with the release of the Wii. Gamers everywhere have waited long for this, and they won’t be disappointed.

Twilight Princess has the most unique, hardest puzzles throughout the game. You have to think the extra step or two to figure it out most of the time, which adds all to the fun. I don’t recommend using a strategy guide for this; it’s much more fun figuring it out yourself.

The graphics are great, although some people aren’t impressed compared to the fellow other new gen consoles. The Wii doesn’t have the best graphics; but it makes up for it with originality. You can even play the game on a 16×9 Widescreen setting if your television is capable.

And speaking of the Wii features, its quite unique indeed. You can target on screen with the use of a bow for example. It’s as easy as point and press, simple and easy. Of course, by swinging the Wii remote, you swing Link’s sword as well. A shake of the Nunchuk will make link do his spin attack, as most fans remember it.

The controls are very fun to work with, I honestly can’t see myself getting bored with them.  I’m not going to talk about the story, because thats why you buy the game. It’s a very interesting storyline; I’ll tell that much. Familiar characters return, and new characters are introduced. The game is rated T for violence and animated blood; I think responsible younger kids(But then again, how many of those are there?) should be able to play this game. It’s just the kids that’ll start hitting things around the house with fake swords you’ll want to keep an eye on.

So, hopefully this brief summary has helped you in your decision of this game; or even the Wii console itself. This game is for sure a must have for any Nintendo fan, or Wii owner.