Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam by Activision

Use the Wii and its wand to rip through the toughest terrains in the world while you skateboard through realistic 3D scenery in this challenging RPG. You are one with Tony Hawk, and believe or not, you can play tricks and do fancy stunts with the best of them, on the Wii. Wield that wand and head to San Francisco’s hustle and bustle–dodge them all and see if you can outmanoeuvre your pals. The Wii sizzles with game-playing excitement and even though you may not be the best skater around, you can be if you spend some time gaming with Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam.

If you don’t want to be Tony Hawk, it’s OK. You can choose from eight different characters, or create your own character using the Create-A-Skater feature-very intuitive and fun to create your identity with.

This RPG is really arcade-like. So, get off the couch and start playing the Wii like you’ve never played it before. Crouch, jump, grind over roadblocks, master once-in-a-life air tricks, all from the comforts of your home!

You can even pimp your ride! Your board can be as sweet as you want–whether you choose to go old school, fishtails, longboards, or go back to the 70s! The choice is yours. Will it have an effect on your game? You betcha.

Important note: this game was created for the Wii. Even though it is available on other platforms, expect your ride to be the ultimate when played on the Wii. This will be your “go to” game on the Wii.

This game is hot, so be prepared for a slugfest when your friends come over to game. You can party with up to 4 players as you pull major league stunts in realistic settings filled with plenty of action.

Watch out for those pedestrians and remember, crashing isn’t cool in real life! Playing this game makes you a gutsy skater, but it’s not quite the same as the real world. Use your helmet when you hit the streets after dodging vehicles and sneaking shortcuts.

Another awesome feature is the split screen mode. You can use Race, Trick Attack, Slalom and Event when going head-to-head gaming.

Rated E 10+, this game is another action-packed, fast moving Tony Hawk RPG and sure to be a hit! Practice your moves before you invite your gaming buddies over for a look-see!